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How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

If I told you that focusing on your health – rather that on your weight – will help you lose weight permanently, would you believe me?

A lot has been said about losing weight, but there is one thing that most weight-loss programs, tips or plans have left out of the equation: health. Whenever you read about the celebs bikini diet, the latest delivery meal plan, or the low-carb program, you hear terms such as calories, pounds and size. But you rarely hear about cholesterol, blood sugar or energy levels.

Focusing on size reduction or losing pounds can be quite painful and create a lot of unnecessary anxiety and desperation. Most diets deprive you of something, and who likes to feel like their freedom is being taken away? A mentality focused on health, on the other hand, tells you that there are always new chances and opportunities. This relieves much of the pressure you may feel about having to conform to certain standards.

When you think about nourishing rather than depriving yourself of something, your outlook is more positive and your chances to stick to a certain health plan and develop more permanent lifestyle changes are a lot higher.

A health-focused mentality can help you improve your habits, since you are creating a lot less anxiety and pressure within your own mind.

5 Strategies to Create a Health-Focused Mentality and Lose Weight

Here are 5 strategies to help you create and reinforce your own health-focused mentality:

1. Tune into yourself. Sometimes when you feel tired, anxious or discouraged, there is a tendency to reach out for the bag of chips, a piece of cake or a sweet drink. Sugar or alcohol may bring an immediate comfort, but this comfort is temporary. Tune into yourself to acknowledge these feelings and use different ways to cope with your emotions. Amp up your self-care and these urges will begin to subside.

2. Put it off. Don’t tell yourself you can’t have it, tell yourself you’ll have it later. Research has found that when you tell yourself that you can have something later reduces the urge to have it right at the moment. Postpone your craving by tricking your mind into thinking you are saying “yes” when you are actually saying “maybe”.

3. Make sure it is a personal choice. In dieting, there are certain rules like no sugar, no dairy, no carbs, no this, no that. This brings a sense of deprivation, which will eventually become rebellion – a recipe for failure. Make sure whatever decisions you make in regard to the foods you eat feel like personal choices.

4. Manage your moods. Life stressors come with their own emotional roller coaster. Let yourself feel your feelings but don’t get stuck in them. Use supportive groups, therapists or coaches, along with meditation and mindfulness, to help manage your moods and reduce emotional reactions.

5. Make sustainable choices. To avoid falling off the wagon, commit to eating well and/or exercising in a way that you’re 100 percent confident you can manage. In the big picture, it’s better to take small steady steps than rush into unmanageable ones that will be short-lived.

No matter how much weight they promise you will lose on a certain diet, it is only your body that knows what it needs. Listen to what your body is telling you and make choices based on your own lifestyle and at your own pace to be able to maintain your new habits.

You’ll notice that your relationship with food and with your own body will change positively when you stop focusing on losing as opposed to gaining – developing a sense of self-care, self-control, and self-love.

Be Healthier. Be Happier.

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  1. Cristina says:

    …and it is easier to think we are changing habits rather than being on a diet.

  2. Kalyani says:

    The trick of losing whgeit is to fool your metabolism into thinking it is getting fed normally.If you try to lose whgeit by starving yourself,then your metabolism kicks in to low gear and hangs on to every scrap you feed yourself,making whgeit-loss impossible.Plus,after you have managed to starve yourself and not die,the minute you start eating again,your body sucks up every calorie it gets,and you pack the whgeit back on.If you want to lose whgeit,which is a very difficult thing to do,you have to eat proper food:grains;veggies;low-fat meat./fish;drink plenty of water;and do some exercise.It sounds very simple,but it is very hard to do when you are de-toxing your body from fats and sugars.Ask your doctor for an appropriate food plan for you.Don’t use or think of the word diet. It only serves to defeat you because it implies deprivation.And as humans,we do not like to be deprived of anything.I might also suggest that you join a whgeit-loss group,like Overeaters Anonymous,or better still,a group like Weight is easier to lose whgeit if you are partnered with people who have the same goal as you.Good luck to you,and eat healthy!!PS:If you are a young person and need to lose whgeit:Start now because with every year,it becomes more and more difficult to lose whgeit and keep it off.Take the word of an old geezer.I know whereof I speak,sadly.

  3. Beatriz says:

    A gluten free diet is often high in cariloes. The gluten free alternatives like bread, cakes, cookies etc have more fat and sugar than the non-gluten free ones. This is because gluten keeps these items together (gluten=glue). When you take the gluten out, the food often falls apart and doesn’t taste very good. So they add extra sugar, oils, fats and salts to keep it together and taste decent.So the best piece of advice is to remove all gluten free alternatives and eat a naturally gluten free diet as much as you can. So eat things like rice, eggs, fruit, nuts, vegetables, fish, meat etc etc.I’ve been on a gluten free diet for 5 years and I weigh less now than when I was diagnosed (I’ve lost about 15kgs=33lbs)Good luck =] .

  4. I am really looking forward to part 2 of this Blog

  5. Sandie says:

    Hi Cinthia,

    I absolutely love your blog! I tried out your theory and voila it works! I look forward to reading further tips and guidance. Thank you. X

  6. Micah Stack says:

    Sigue escribiendo porque este es el tipo de cosas que todos necesitamos

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