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Men’s Health Awareness

It is November! Or should I say “Movember?” That time of the year when guys let loose and grow a moustache, not only to look cool and keep their upper lip warm, but to raise men’s health awareness! Continue Reading →

How to Bring Zen Back

You are telling your co-worker how excited you are about the upcoming movie premiere of your favorite book this Friday – you’ve been a fan since you read the trilogy and have been waiting for the past eight months since they announced the movie release date. Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to Give Yoga a Go

During my yoga teacher training, I was required to fulfill a certain amount of teaching hours. Since this was primarily for practice purposes, the classes were free and I had to recruit students among family and friends. Most of my participants hadn’t practiced yoga before or didn’t have a regular yoga practice, which was great, as it offered me a fresh perspective on working with yoga beginners. Continue Reading →

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

If I told you that focusing on your health – rather that on your weight – will help you lose weight permanently, would you believe me?

A lot has been said about losing weight, but there is one thing that most weight-loss programs, tips or plans have left out of the equation: health. Continue Reading →

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