Nutritional Coaching

How it works:

Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation we will take a close look at your current and desired states in regards to your nutritional concerns — to learn where you are right now and where you would like to be.

Together we will establish a focus that’s relevant for you, both in terms of your internal experience and your external results, and then formulate a personalized plan that fits your needs, goals and vision.

This initial session will be packed with information and resources to give you the tools you need to get started on your way to transformation.

Things that you will learn on your initial consultation:

  • What foods work best for your body type, age, lifestyle and illness (if any)
  • Resources, tools, tips and tricks to transform the way you eat, cook and shop for foos
  • DOs and DON’Ts of healthy eating
  • Multiple resources and tips to eat healthy on a budget
  • Fundamentals of what comprises a whole-food sustainable diet
  • The truth about modern commercialized food vs. sustainable unprocessed food
  • Education on why diets don’t work

Pantry makeover

If you’ve completed the Initial Consultation and want to go in deeper, the following session will target your kitchen! This means we will take a look at the contents in your fridge and your pantry. I will suggest what to keep and what to take out of your pantry. Think of this session as a kitchen detox — your body will thank you for this.

After examining what’s in your pantry, we will take a trip to the store and stock your kitchen with nutritious whole foods. You will learn what to buy and what not to buy at the grocery store, how to read labels, and learn tips to eat healthy on a budget.

Following sessions

After we’ve created a personalized plan for you, any following sessions will be crucial in maintaining long-term success with the program. This series of sessions will keep you accountable, help you stay on track, provide practical and emotional support, and address issues as they arise. With my support and partnership along the way, you will fine tune the principles to fit your lifestyle and master the practices to create healthy habits for a lifetime.


Initial Consultation – Open your pantry | $85
One 90 minute in-depth nutritional consultation

4 Session Package – Kitchen detox | $300
One 90 minute in-depth nutritional consultation
One 60 minute pantry makeover
Two 50 minute sessions
Unlimited email support
One 5-10 minute phone check-in

6 Session Package – Commit to your body | $420
One 90 minute in-depth nutritional consultation
One 60 minute pantry makeover
Four 50 minute sessions
Unlimited email support
Two 5-10 minute phone check-ins

Monthly Follow up – Constant support | $65
One 50 minute session a month
Unlimited email support

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